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Customer reviews
     Professional and impressive service. Highly recommend.
Stacey T.20/06/2024
     Perpetually outstanding! Holland Park Cleaning Company delivers cleaning services that consistently please me.
Leslie Anderson10/06/2024
     They deliver amazing cleaning services.
Clarence Bowman31/05/2024
     Thanks to CleaningHollandPark, we no longer have to spend our free time cleaning - we can relax knowing that everything is taken care of by professionals.
Liam Tyler17/05/2024
     Signing up for an account was hassle-free and I received a professional cleaner to evaluate.
MR. Ginger29/04/2024
     Working with this top-notch cleaning service has made maintaining a clean home so much easier for me. The cleaner who arrived at my door was experienced, dedicated, considerate and flexible.
     I was blown away by the quality of cleaning services offered in London by this company. Their attention to detail and frequent updates were greatly appreciated.
Natasha U.21/03/2024
     Changing out our furniture allowed us to not only update the aesthetics of our home but also ensure it was sparkling clean with a professional carpet cleaning service.
Tina T.11/03/2024
     Thanks to CleaningHollandPark, my living room carpet looks brand new again.
Adriana F.01/03/2024
     Our cleaner was accommodating and provided us with an unbeatable quote for their services.
Olivia Sanderson19/02/2024
     If you want your carpets cleaned to perfection, then look no further than CleanersHollandPark. They truly deliver on their promises.
W. Bennett09/02/2024
     Exceptional materials suitable for experienced and proficient window washers, offered at fantastic prices - phenomenal!
Jamie R.30/01/2024
     Impressive cleaning service, with an amicable and helpful team. I will definitely be rebooking them.
M. Parker20/01/2024
     I can't thank you enough for your bathroom cleaning service. The results are outstanding - sparkling clean and so shiny!
Martha L.20/11/2023
     The cleaners arriving at the office were really knowledgeable, friendly and thorough with their workmanship. The office was exceptionally clean when they had finished - great job all round!
Fiona H.25/10/2023
     Very happy with everything CleanersHollandPark have done for our office recently. We wanted to think about office cleaners but were worried about the cost. We rang up their offices, talked through what we needed, and their pleasant members of staff really helped us arrange for exactly what we needed. It's incredible how much better they were than the other professional options. We'll be having them back it the office soon, that's for sure.
Scott A.05/11/2015
     I remember a time where I used to think that just because I lived in that flat and when I was moving out that I needed to do all my cleaning myself. I was exhausted just thinking about it, so I looked at options and found Holland Park Cleaners to help me. The cleaners did a marvellous job and I was so impressed at how they left the place.
Nancy B.17/04/2015
     I had used cleaning companies before in my office but they were never reliable. A friend suggested I use CleanersHollandPark as they seemed to have a good reputation among other businesses in the area. I called them and booked a date. The cleaners were polite and experienced. They got on with the cleaning immediately. I had bins emptied, and the bathroom, kitchen and general areas polished and vacuumed and moped. So far I am so happy with the work. The cleaners are on time and work hard, and look smart in their uniform. The office cleaning rates are affordable and they work excellent.
Bob B.27/02/2015
     It's just one of those things where having dogs means that there's a few things you'll need to put up with. Whether it's hair on the upholstery or paw prints on the carpet, you can usually tell which homes have a dog, even when they've been tidied up. But when I want to be sure that my home is as clean as possible, I just give CleanersHollandPark a call. I've found that they're able to deal with all of the difficulties which dogs and pets can cause, as well as doing the rest of the cleaning too. Really good service.
Warren Peters07/01/2015
     We have had several cleaning companies in our house in the last few years and CleanersHollandPark has been the best of them all. Their cleaners always come on time and do more than is expected of them. They are always thorough and pay attention to every detail. Their end result is so good that I have often had friends and family members ask about the cleaning service I used. I always recommend them to everyone I know. And if you are looking for a cleaning service too, hire this company. You will never regret the decision.
Clara T.04/12/2014
     Having to clean at the end of a tenancy is one of the most annoying things about being a landlord. There's never enough time and a lot of tenants leave the property in a poor state. However I managed to book a good set of end of tenancy cleaners from CleanersHollandPark who came to my flat on the same day with a wide range of cleaning products and did absolutely everything. They vacuumed the mattresses, cleaned the mould off the bathroom tiles and cleaned the floors, the oven and the oven hood. I can't recommend them highly enough.
     I actually called up my friend and told her that she had to give CleanersHollandPark a ring! Because I've had a few problems with handling all of the cleaning in my home, and needed something to change, I told my husband that he has to hire someone to help me or he can do it himself! After looking through a few different prices we agreed on this business and I must say it has improved everything. We use them 3 days a week and no more arguments. Also a lot less stressful! There isn't any reason to use any other cleaning service!
Huw J.23/10/2014
     I was amazed at the cleaning service I had done on my bathroom and kitchen recently. I had had some renovations done and needed a commercial cleaning company to deal with the rubbish left. There was a lot of building material to shift and dust everywhere. CleanersHollandPark were great from the first meeting. We had a consultation to set a price that was competitive, and from there a date was arranged. The work was done by a team of hardworking cleaners who really covered every minute detail. The work did take a while as there was a lot of mess from the renovations but now the rooms look brilliant and shiny clean now.
Monique Bosh24/07/2014
     Customer service really matters to me, and I was sick and tired of being let down by my rude and inconsistent window cleaners. I swapped to CleanersHollandPark and now I get my windows cleaned whenever I need them, without the hassle of unreliable staff and unpleasant people! The cleaners at this company are very friendly and really experienced, meaning that I can get fantastically clean and sparkling windows! I'm really glad I swapped my window cleaning service as this one is the best I've used and is absolutely flawless. They always do a great job and I can always depend on them!
Joshua Maddison08/07/2014
     I am a self employed lifting gear specialist working from a medium sized industrial unit. Cleaning the place after a week of heavy workload can at times get me down. I noticed a leaflet that had came through my door which advertised industrial cleaning services. Great idea I thought and with that I called them. They were straight out the same day and quoted me for the work. The price was excellent and they used the latest cleaning equipment to do the job effectively. CleanersHollandPark are an excellent firm in my opinion and I would recommend them to anyone in search of a good industrial cleaning company.
Edward Raynham12/06/2014
     Following decorating my house from top to bottom there was a lot of mess still lying about everywhere. I was worn out with the home improvement and decided to hire a professional cleaning company to do the clean up job. CleanersHollandPark were a local firm so I called them and made an appointment. The workers came on time and with a good selection of tools, and supplies and began the clean up job. They worked hard all day sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, mopping and clearing away rubble and rubbish that had accumulated. Afterwards the house looked great and neat and tidy again for me to put back my furniture.
Richard Jones26/05/2014
     Having used a couple of cleaning companies in the past, I am pretty happy to say that CleanersHollandPark are by far and away the best that I have used so far. In terms of promptness, service and dedication to the job, you can't beat what this lot are doing, and I am thrilled to be able to recommend them to everyone reading this! Should you have looking to get more from your cleaning company, then it is strongly advised that you get in touch with these guys as soon as is humanly possible!
Steven Cole29/04/2014
     CleanersHollandPark have helped me out exponentially over the past few weeks and writing a review is my way of saying thanks! I was never a fan of house cleaning and when a back injury began to prevent me from cleaning my home I knew I'd need professional help. This company services a few houses on my street and so they were my first port of call. The service was very professional and all of my worries were dealt with in a really reassuring way. The clean itself is always very thorough and professional, people always ask me how I get my house so clean! Thank you!
     My girlfriend always says that if I cleaned my home the way I cleaned my car we wouldn't ever have any arguments. Well, I decided to put her theory to the test and hired CleanersHollandPark to clean my home. When my girlfriend walked in, she was surprised and astonished to see that my house was clean, the sink was not full of dirty dishes and that the bathroom sink was not full with shaved off hair. She was right, we didn't argue at all! All thanks to the amazing cleaners that now come and clean my home regularly and consistently.
Joseph G.27/03/2014
     I am so glad that I called CleanersHollandPark when I did. I needed a house cleaner, but I did have a few reservations about costs and, of course, letting someone into my house! I spoke to the experts at this company and they managed to reassure me. I ended up hiring a cleaner for just one day to see whether or not I liked the service. I definitely did! My house looked just fabulously clean, and I felt better by just living in such a sanitary environment. I hire a cleaner from this company regularly now, and I'm very, very pleased!