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04Nov 2014
Tackling Your Home Cleaning After Building Work
Tackling Your Home Cleaning After Building WorkConstruction and decoration at your home is an exciting time It can see your abode being transformed into something new as important features are added, things are given essential repairs, you later things to closer suit your tastes and lifestyle, and so on. It takes a lot of work to get such things done as many tools and techniques are used to fix, demolish and create. You can see rooms being merged into one, massive features constructed, things working better than ever and much more. The downside to all this is that afterwards you can be left with many cleaning chores. Your regular house cleaning may not be enough to tackle all the dust, dirt, litter, parts, stains and more left over. If you want to be ready for such mess and tackle it once it occurs, then read on. Prevention is the best step when it comes to builders cleaning. Doing as much as possible before hand will enable you to limit the amount of mess and so there is less work and damage overall. Wherever the construction, demolition or decoration is taking place, you should remove as many items from the area as possible. Take out ornaments, picture frames, electronics and any small goods and put them in another room. If such things are left around, they will easily be knocked over, dirtied, smashed, broken and more, so the further they are away from the work, the better. Your usual house cleaning can struggle with crumbs, dust and the like as it is, and after building work, you can be left with countless bits and dust everywhere. To diminish all of this you should have things in place. Tarp should be placed over all furniture and every inch of the floor so that nothing falls onto them. This will prevent stains and reduce the amount of cleaning work you have to do. Once done, you can remove the sheets of tarp revealing clean floors and furniture. Old bed sheets, cloth, clothes, towels and the like can also be used to cover things and once you are done with these materials, you can throw them away or recycle them. As you go along with your building work, you should endeavour to keep things tidy. Try to wipe up any spills or dust early on with paper towels to prevent the blotch from drying or spreading. Tools should always be put away when not in use so they are not tripped over, are lost or they don’t cause any damage. Make sure any liquids such as paint are covered when not in use to thwart them from spilling or leaking. After the work has been done you may find yourself left with stains. These can occur as dirt and dust are trodden into the floor, paint and cement is spilled and so on. Blemishes such as these can ruin the look of a room so you must be ready to combat them. Wiping with a damp cloth may be all it needs, so try this first to see if the stain becomes loose or disappears. If not, you can try white vinegar, which acts as safe stain remover. You may need to consider stronger cleaners such as detergents and bleaches Search your local store for these items to see what is applicable for the surface/item and type of stain. Follow the instructions carefully when using it so neither you nor the item are harmed. Building work and cleaning may not mix, but with these tips, you can manage both successfully.

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