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16Dec 2014
How To Go About Spring Cleaning
How To Go About Spring CleaningWith the amount of time you have been spending at home during winters, your house is bound to gather more dust. Not to mention the outside elements such as wind and snow that you have brought in with you every time  you came in from outside. The dirt, snow and rock salt that you drag into your home from outside can ruin your floors and carets. This is why we are here to help you when you are doing your house cleaning this spring with our top most spring cleaning tips. So let’s get around to making your house clean and organized.Remove clutterAlthough this should normally be incorporated in your daily home cleaning routine, spring time is as good as a time as any to de-clutter and organize your home. Not only are you going to put away stuff that has been lying around and free up various surfaces in your house, you are also going to do the same for your closet. Wash and put away the woolens that you won’t be needing until next year. Once you have put everything away in its place, you will find that it is easier for you to clean your home.Remove dustMost of the dust in your house comes from cloth fibres and dead skin. It is easier for dust to gather in your home since there is barely any ventilation within your home during the winter. This is why your first step when setting to clean the house should be to dust every surface. Arm yourself with a duster and a microfiber cloth and wield up the dust from every nook and corner. Wipe down surfaces that have a layer of dust over them. Before starting with the upholstery cleaning, take your pillows and cushions outside and beat the dust out of them. Then use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust that has fallen around.Carpet cleaningYour carpets have endured the worst abuse during winters. Not only have you treaded on them with the dirt and snow from outside, you have possibly had a spill or two during Christmas parties as well. Your door mats are also possibly at their dirtiest by the end of winter. A good practice is to regularly vacuum your carpets, mats and rugs, especially in areas of high traffic so that you can collect all the dust and dirt from them. Once you have done then, call in professional carpet cleaners to do a shampooing or steam cleaning session for your carpets. This will not only make your carpets look clean and make them healthy again, but it will also leave your house smelling great.Floor cleaningYour floor boards might have shrunk a bit in winter and/or developed cracks in them which can easily fill with dust and dirt. Vacuum your floors using a soft bristled brush to draw out all the dust that has settled in and then mop it lightly with a damp mop. Use soap and water to remove any stains from the floor. Be careful not to use too much water on wooden floors; although you can opt to wax or buff your floors if you want to restore the shine.  Window cleaningYour house can use a lot more sunlight so wash away the snow and rain from your windows and let the sun in. Clean the outside and inside surfaces with soap and warm water, then rub it down with a squeegee and end by drying with a microfiber cloth.

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